Red Alert: “Police Disarming Citizens BY FORCE in Connecticut NOW! – Tea Party Command Center

Subject: Red Alert: “POLICE Disarming Citizens BY FORCE in Connecticut NOW! – Tea Party Command Center


20 thoughts on “Red Alert: “Police Disarming Citizens BY FORCE in Connecticut NOW! – Tea Party Command Center

    • NO,first your special forces guys,then the rest of you,they are scared to death of seals,rangers,and ex-military who survived to come home,PROTECT THESE GUYS WITH YOUR LIFE,they are what stands between you and the commies…………..after the earthquake ,you’ll understand what I ment………………

  1. Rod Class in North Carolina will put manners on the Nazi Regime in Conn…Hit his sites!! Many victories!! He needs this info and he should lose his Attorney who is a foreign agent and member of Communist Party..Allegiance to court only and the BAR….BRITISH ACCREDITED REGENCY

  2. Let’s see, they now disarmed a Vet in Conn. and they’ve used this technique back in the 50’s (this way they can say this was not the first case) they’ve back-ordered ammo so that those who bought their new guns won’t have any. This is not the hour to gouge the American for their protective needs. This is not the hour to waste but we have to be wise, very wise! We are approaching the time where (the nasi way) they’d love nothing more for us distrust one another! There are very good method’s (in general) to understand if one is friend or foe! If you use their ways (criminal checks etc) to see if a person is a foe, good luck to you. The day will come when your (mine/whomever) name maybe considered dirt by the powers that be! The gestapo’s first move’s has already worked! They’ve been successful in keeping us divided in a number of ways! How do rank in society today, if you have a high mark could you be a friend to a person who society looks down ‘upon’! As Americans we all have to do some soul searching, don’t always assume, that person just maybe your best friend! We are in this together, our young have been brainwashed, we have to win them at all cost, no matter. I’m not speaking about all our young, God bless those who have gotten it! I believe the Lord has woke’n many in all places! Listen, there is an African American minister (Manning?) in NY who’s calling his brothers to join us all in this battle. The elite knows very well how quick their agenda could go south! The Lord confound’s the arrogant! America is under Judgement, yes as a nation we’ve sold out to Molech But He knows all His redeemed. This is not the time to be to proud to bend the knee and have a talk, He wants to hear from you, He wants to hear from us, thank Him for hearing your prayers, He does really love you and me!

  3. Hey guys. I think that we need to step up and offer our services to the vets who still have their guns. I read a post on BIN in which someone stated that we should reach out to any vets we are good buddies witnh and offer to basically adopt their guns and ammo until further notice. Seems like a good plan. Then when those POS from the govt. come to steal from you there is nothing to steal. Hoy crapoly Molly……what a plan!

  4. Wily, I love it and you! Wouldn’t want to grandstand and take anything away from your statement. On bent knee, in humbleness, in prayer, I would rather fall this way, or be girded up, for the travails ahead. We are so blessed to live in this time when the choices are so clear! God Bless!

  5. I just went back to BIN to double check for the post mentioned above, and guess what? It has been taken down. Now isn’t that interesting? I saw it real last last night when I was doing some reading. Seemed like an ok post to me so I wonder who removed it and what their reason was. Maybe BIN needs to be scrutinized if this is the sort of thing they are doing. Crazy man, really crazy.

  6. WHEN will americans realize,YOUR country has been taken over by the commies,”THE DICK ACT OF 1902″ was written SO braindead politicians would understand the second amendment of the US CONSTITUTION,the dick act of 1902, FORBIDS ANY AND ALL GUN LAWS,it can’t be changed,it can’t be repealed and goes on forever, AND ITS TREASON TO VIOLATE IT,,but since when has treason mattered to the government,that OATH you gave them,don’t matter a bit to the police gangs or courts,elected officals or anyone else in government,THEIR ALL COMMIES,do you understand?…they laugh and say the cockroches are scared to death of us……..thomas jefferson,warned everyone this day would come……………………

      • thats bull shit pat,it was used to threaten a president of enpeachment for taking the national guard overseas to fight in ww1,its in full force to this day,and yes they did try to rewrite it and they failed to do that,the first writing was passed and is still in full force,it was when they tried to rewrite it ,it was voted down and the changes never happened,it stands like concete to this day,but it don’t matter to current government,cause treason is their way of life now………..THE LORD SAYS the east coast will go down to the russians without a fight,they sucked ass on the police gangs a little to long and are all killed……………….

  7. yeah so wellness checks, you know to ensure that that our vets suffering from PTSD don’t shoot themselves or anyone else. I know you care about guns but our service men and women are committing suicide at never before seen levels. So you got a problem with the govt taking away guns from potentially mentally unstable people, I got a problem with you pretending suicide prevention is unnecessary and tyrannical

  8. Kittens, go take your politics and bury it in the litter box where it belongs, with the rest of the crap! As for the poll question “Should the GOP fight Obama on Gun Control?” NO, we citizens should! GOP? Are you kidding me? They’re all in bed together! There is no savior coming to fix it right for us. There is only us, and we ain’t looking good. Number one, and I am assuming knowing me, but I wouldn’t have called the police dept. back to begin with. I know, he was curious and all that, but first mistake. They didn’t nab him at the police station because he had abided their request, and they couldn’t have that….witnesses and all. I’d of sure never called them a second time. So basically now, if any friends or family members do not like what you are saying, or maybe there is an argument, all they have to do is call for a “wellness check?” This has to be challenged as an infringement of a veterans’ right to privacies. Our homes are still private, yes? Think ahead people, and plan well. We really are smarter than they are, we just need to stay one step ahead. If there are any good lawyers (I know, but you never know!) left, please consider letting veterans put your numbers on speed dialing. I am grateful for our veterans, it is their bravery I admire, and I would chip in some money for lawyers to consider helping our veterans and ensuring this doesn’t happen again. Actually, I’m considering getting my licensing just to help in situations like this one. All he needed was a lawyer on the other line asking the officers to show their warrant. I saw a video of this just the other day, and guess what, the officers left with their heads hung low. Yeah, they’ll be back again, but speed dial man! We can fight back with their own weapons, and every soldiers knows how frickin sweet that is!

  9. OUR SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN,are not commiting sueicide THEIR BEING MURDERED,when are americans going to wake up and stop believing all these government lieing whores,OBAMA AND HIS MURDERING GANG OF CRIMINALS ,ARE MURDERING OUR VETERANS,HOW MANY CRIMES DO THE THUGS AT THE WHOREHOUSE IN DC HAVE TO COMMIT BEFORE AMERICANS ‘WAKE UP’,look at what they are doing ,army ranger in arizona,shot 80 times and they were at the wrong house,my ass they knew who he was ,and like all pigs they were scared to death ,HE WAS AN ARMY RANGER,THIS COUNTRY IS BEING PREPED TO BE TAKEN OVER BY THE RUSSIANS,WAKE UP YOU MORONS BEFORE YOU HAVE A RUSSIAN BAYONET UP YOUR ASS………..SEAL TEAM SIX,SHOT DOWN BY AL-QAEDA,THAT’S THE DOD IN WASHINGTON,ALL THE BEST OF THE BEST ARE BEING KILLED,DING,DING,DING,WAKE UP,WAKE UP………YOUR NEXT………………………

  10. ONLY ABOUT ,TWO OR THREE GUYS, out of a HUNDRED,are smart enough and tough enough to become SPECIAL FORCES,in the american military,and if you remember what RAMBO WAS ABLE TO DO,you have an idea why the government and the police gangs want to KILL THEM,the entire government ,IS NOTHING BUT FAGOTS AND QUEERS,so you can see why they can’t take down america with special forces guys all over america,they are purposefully killing them,AND AMERICA HAD BETTER WAKE UP BEFORE IT TO LATE,THERES ONLY SO MANY OF THESE GUYS IN AMERICA,and if you allow the police gangs to kill them all,YOU DESERVE ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AFTER THEIR GONE,because they are what stands between you and an out of control bunch of murdering fagots………..and you veterans,when you hear about these queers killing your brothers,capture them and inject some gasoline with a needle, into their arm,they won’t be killing any veterans after that………………

  11. Arizona, buddy; “rambo” was phreakin’ MOVIE. Not to take anything away from spec ops guys; but the only way this country survives is for common “Joe six-pack” to turn off sports center ; putdown the cheetos. Find his balls, standup and say “NO”. Don’t dump it all on the vets. They’ve done their turn in the barrel.What are you doing to stop the progressive push??Looking for vets to save your butt?

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