The Eye of Sauron Has Spotted Bitcoin

Jack Mullen
Activist Post

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled “Web Money Gets Laundering Rule,” an article framed in typical central bank newspeak warning of money laundering and growing “concerns” that new forms of cash bought on the Internet might be used to fund illicit activities. [1]

This concern for possible laundering and illicit activities is banker newspeak indicating that banksters are really concerned about the possibility people might be able to escape the global web of banking activity spying and find a way out of debt slavery caused by central bank controlled currencies.

Furthermore the bankers worry bitcoin [2], the virtual currency in question, might actually provide a way to independently and objectively value banker currencies in terms of purchasing power – not just relative values between managed banker currencies, which have no tight correlation with purchasing power. And, a derivative of providing an objective measure of cartel-controlled currency purchasing power is that wealth can be transferred into bitcoin, where its purchasing power can remain reasonably stable. In fact, if bitcoin survives, the purchasing power of bitcoins will rise over time. 

If bitcoin does indicate a relationship between its own value and purchasing power relative to banker currency, it will start a mass exodus into the new currency as people try to find a way to protect their assets and wealth from contrived currency devaluation. 

Part of the problem with measuring banker currency relative values, is that even while objective value (purchasing power) of all banker currencies is being destroyed, the relative values still maintain the illusion of worth. Historically, gold and silver represented a fungible, transportable, private, and no counter-party risk money, whose price provided objective values of a banker currency’s purchasing power. The banking cartels learned how to suppress the price of gold and silver with massive manipulation to support the illusion that paper currencies, especially those issued as debt, are maintaining purchasing power.

The Eye of Sauron Has Spotted Bitcoin


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