Colorado Dem: Vets should not have magazines because ‘some’ are mentally ill

Colorado Democrat says vets cannot have high capacity magazines because of mental illness.

While debating a gun control measure in the Colorado Senate Friday, Democratic State Sen. Mary Hodge urged fellow lawmakers to reject an amendment that would let veterans, existing military members and their families own high-capacity magazines by arguing that “some” return “with significant mental health problems,” Twitchy reported Saturday.

“Yes,” she said, “these are all great and wonderful people, but some of them come back with significant mental health problems and I think we need to check through that first.”

Republican Kent Lambert, the senator who introduced the amendment, engaged Hodge in a short debate on the amendment, responding to her attack on veterans returning from combat and arguing that current law already address those with mental illness.

“Mr. Chair, I really object to this stereotypical viewpoint that all military veterans, that all military returnees have mental health problems,” he said.

“Of course our active duty military people suffer from traumas of war,” he added. “They have since the Civil War. They’ve gone through battle fatigue. They’ve gone through soldier’s disease, in the Civil War is what they called it.”

“But to stereotypically say that we’re just going to have a blanket policy in this state saying that military veterans, who if they have mentally deficient problems or if they have traumatic stress and they’ve been diagnosed they’re not eligible to get weapons anyway. It’s already part of the law,” he explained.

After Lambert made his case, Hodge countered by saying she did not say that “all” veterans had mental problems.

“I said ‘some,’” she argued.

The amendment failed to pass on a party line vote, meaning that because “some” veterans may have mental health issues, all veterans in Colorado will be banned from owning high-capacity magazines.

The vote did not sit well with a number of people.

“The (Colorado Democrats) can now add soldiers to the list of women and industry of whom they don’t trust or care about,” tweeted “Jason Meisner.”

“Do you think saying Vets are unstable will help you in CO during the next election?” asked “Chris Johnson.”

“I’m born and raised in Colorado and what was supposed to be the wild west is now a progressive cesspool,” wrote a commenter at Weasel Zippers.

“What has happened to Colorado?” asked another reader. “It’s become some strange, skewed slice of insanity.”

Five of the seven gun control measures passed the Democratic-controlled Senate. Two bills — the controversial campus concealed-carry ban and a measure that would make gun makers and retailers liable for related crimes — were tabled by their primary sponsors, KDVR reported.

A final vote is scheduled for Monday.



34 thoughts on “Colorado Dem: Vets should not have magazines because ‘some’ are mentally ill

  1. I always amazes me when the very people who agree with training killers to support the American Hedgemonic war machine, complain that those boy and girls then may come home with mental problems. DUH ! Are those idiots that disconnected from reality?

    • They train them to chase and kill an enemy that does not even exist. I would say that they are dangerously disconnected from reality.

    • Way to look like an ignorant Neoleftist clone, keep the judges appointed by your neoleftist extremist politicians releasing violent criminals on to the public and your 900,000 abortions a year coming leftist monsters of hypocrisy.

    • DemonCrats as communists now. it’s just another name for the communist party in America.
      No freedom for anyone without big brother making sure it’s OK. We should pack them all on a ship to Russia, China or North Korea and leave them there.
      What a total insult to American Vets young and old!!!!!!!!!!!!
      These are the people who have defended our country and laid down their lives in countless wars so they can sit on their fat asses and hide. They will be the first to say “We surrender” if we ever get invaded. I say pack them all in a buss and move them to NYC and let them live under the Nazi Bloomberg’s rule….. Screw them all!

      I used to be a democrat too. Now I hate them. These are the same pantie waist-ed SOB’s that are pedophiles, and child abusers who sit on their ass and expect the Government to feed them. I truly feel sorry for anyone living in Colorado.

      I know Let’s ban Skiing in Colorado it’s too dangerous with all of the avalanches and people getting injured. We should start a total boycott of any tourism or vacations in Colorado. I was going to go to Colorado for Cut throat trout fishing this year. I’ve already cancelled my trip and 6 of us are going to Montana instead. Screw the Dem’s in Colorado. I hope they all get eaten by bears because they have no more guns to shoot them. Talk about dumb bastards. Total knee jerk reaction to a lone gunman who had issues. Now everyone has to pay. I’ve visited Colorado many times. Never Again!!!!!!!!
      Colorado your an insult to the many vets who have died in so many wars. You’re a total disgrace to the entire purpose of the US Constitution!
      Shame on you. I think I’m going to buy a state flag of colorado and take a huge dump on it and send it to their Governor!!!

    • Now that’s funny!!!!!
      That means that no more Vets can be lawyers or members of any political party too.

  2. As a lifelong resident of Colorado, I have repeatedly been disgusted by the braindead/comunist/scumbag imports that have ruined my family home since 1853! This idiotic gun ban and ALL the others this treasonist state house has passed will do NOTHING! They only succede in arming the criminals, victimizing law abiding citizens, and creating a legal nightmare for police and courts to navigate. I sincerely hope that the NON-NATIVES that have moved here to escape their nightmarish lives in places like L.A., N.Y., Chicago, and other cess pools to keep their hands OFF MY STATE! There is a reason all of you moved here, because you ruined your own states with the same line of B.S.! I hope that the next election (if its not rigged) puts people in power that will take a flamethrower to these laws and inact laws that are exactly the opposite of these and set an example for the entire nation by legalizing ALL guns, fully automatic included, just to get under your skin and let you feel what its like to have legislation crammed down your throat. I would also like to see a DEATH PENALTY for voter fraud, people have died for our right to vote and if our elections aren’t guaranteed accurate, then they are a fraud and a waste of time. Our entire nation has lost its nads and its mind!

    • Exactly Mr. J. Californicators did the same thing to Oregon in 70s and 80s. I like your comment. Well said and cogent !

  3. Yes, these Democrat’s are all great and wonderful people, but some of them get into office with significant mental health problems and I think we need to check through that first, before they are allowed to run for office.

  4. I’d say it would have something to do with the “elite” and all their big underground bunkers – this is their ground zero this state so of course they are going to disarm their newly adopted state and land and by having these sociopathic “dems” in office to do their deed makes total sense to me.

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  7. John McCain is a vet and a POW. Talk about mental disorder. He has some serious and severe mental disorder. He should be ban from office. On the other hand all Democrats and Republicans should be banned from Congress for their mental disorder.

    • Since logic dictates that there WILL be court cases stemming from these ‘so called’ laws, I would recommed that the people of Colorado learn about “Jury Nullification”, also known as the “Fully Informed Jury Act”. (FIJA) Read it and inform everyone you know.

  8. WAIT FOR THE ENFORCEMENT PHASE..THEN THESE TRAITORS WILL MEET THE ‘VETS’…..”Death to Tyrants”… the military is trained to provide….

  9. “the controversial campus concealed-carry ban and a measure that would make gun makers and retailers liable for related crimes”

    But no mention of the drug companies or medical field even tho all the shooters were on pharmaceutical drugs & some were being seen by the medical community.

  10. The “progressive” politician, a cancer on Liberty

    This is the kind of politician that appoints extreme “progressive” judges responsible for 56% of Violent Crime from Chronic repeat offenders, releasing them back on the public to commit more violent crime. There are not Citizen Review boards for unaccountable Judges and Psychiatrists unlike Police.
    This is the kind of Politician that takes money from big pharmaceutical companies, while their unaccountable psychiatrists prescribe Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Effexor, Celexa, Ritalin and many other antidepressants and psychotropic drugs to almost every single teen or adult involved in a mass shooting, with absolute zero oversight on what those teens are around, while under the influence, IE; weapons of all kinds, cars, other mixed drugs or alcohol, machinery, etc. They hide accountability with Dr. /Patient confidentiality, so they do not have to report the mental state to the FBI to be able to actually stop the mental patients from getting hold of weapons they should not be in possession of.
    This is the kind of politician that enjoys armed security around them in public, in their private schools, places of work and places where their money is kept safely, but like the Cesare Borgia rulers of Europe breaking Federal laws; while you law abiding should be limited, even after background checks and hundreds of hours of training, in their opinion.
    This is the kind of politician, turning local police into standing armies, which is what the Bill of Rights and Constitution was made to defend against, at the same time supposed to be protecting individuals the right to keep and bear arms, with the Second amendment the only amendment in the constitution with the words, “shall not be infringed.” Hamilton & Madison specifically created the Bill of Rights, to protect against the abuse of power by the Executive and Legislative branches. FBI are not standing Armies yet they use “military” style weapons, The National Forest Service has AR-15 like assault weapons, Treasury Department, The law enforcement group of the DOE have them, The BLM, the ATF, the Secretary of state issues permission to non-citizens for full automatic weapons while traveling inside U.S. under the diplomatic title, U.S. Marshal service have “assault” weapons, State and local law enforcement. These groups have no special rights under the Constitution for “military” style weapons, yet they carry them, while not being a standing army. Why is their safety put above the safety of those of the average citizens, that face criminals and gangs armed as well as any military with small arms? So the position now is certain groups have full second amendment rights while the general law abiding and trained gun owners do not? Remember I am talking specifically about those with absolutely no criminal record that carry on a regular basis with training. If they have less rights under the Bill of Rights, then the equal protection clause should be removed as law since its not enforced, but then gun laws are not enforced so maybe that’s the agenda of some, the Progressive loves pushing laws they know they will never have to enforce.
    This is the kind of politician is creating “gun free” zones, where 99% of these mass shootings occur. They never answer any of the serious questions about their own failures to secure the public from criminals and mental patients their appointed judge’s release. They never answer how killing Liberty for the law abiding stops the mentally deranged drug cartels and sorted violent chronic criminals will give up their illegal “assault” weapons or high capacity magazines. They never answer the question why so many agencies have become standing armies, completely contrary to the U.S. Constitution. If you think they are justified to carry “military style” guns and not the average law abiding citizen, then you all need to open the Federalist papers and Constitution and read them.
    This is the kind of politician claiming to worry about children, while dragging every single taxpayer into the bedroom, to pay for someone’s sexual behavior with their tax money for tax funded abortions.
    This is the kind of politician asking for “common sense” laws with so called “assault” weapons, but then exempting all agencies in government and state governments from so called “common sense” legislation. To progressives, federal and state agencies in your opinion now are exempt from “common sense” laws? Forest Service needs “assault weapons?” DOE needs “Assault weapons?” ATF needs “Assault weapons?” The Treasury Dept. needs them? The Division of wildlife needs them? The Local Police need them? The FBI needs them? The NSA needs them? The U.S. Martial Service needs them? The Homeland Security Dept. needs them? They are not branches of the military and are not a Militia. You should be praising Mexico’s Federals’ correct? Guns are illegal in Mexico since 1968 and the Federal Government does such a great job protecting the disarmed public from drug cartels, right? I forgot Government could never be corrupted.
    This is the kind of politician ignoring the fact in 2011 according to the FBI and DOJ’s UCR, of the 8683 Homicides by firearms, 326 were from rifles even less from “assault” weapons. Over 80% of firearm homicides are from handguns. Handguns where I live require background checks, basically they are admitting even though background checks do not work in the overwhelming majority of firearm homicides they are very happy to see your Liberty eliminated, while government weapons get more accurate, invasive and lethal. Remember you don’t need more than 7 rounds, but let’s fire up the drones.
    This is the kind of politician using skewed statistics that lump in law abiding Concealed firearms holders that have FBI background checks hundreds of hours of training in with drug related crime, gangs, at risk homes, bail bonds agents, and those that break gun laws or laws in general.
    When is the electorate going to hold the “progressive” Politician opportunists, Judges, Lawyers and Psychiatrists accountable for the blood on their hands?

  11. It would appear that once we elect someone to office, they (Dems/Reps alike) are suddenly struck with paranoia and fear of those that have elected them. They become power hungry, greedy and have a gang mentality that makes they question all sanity.

  12. Wow “J”s comment is summed up very well. I also live in Colorado and am in shock and awe as we ARE moving into a Police State here. We are home to so many Military installations it’s crazy,not to mention NORTH COM as well. I do believe they will be relocating the Capitol of the United States to Denver or Colorado Springs soon and i have a gut feeling this is why they are passing these draconian laws. Denver is of course ground zero for the New World Order. I am considering to move out of MY state as i do not even recognize it anymore. I know there is no running from the NWO but i sure don’t want to be in the microscope of it. GOD BLESS US ALL..we are going to need him to fix this mess! For the people have no say anymore. It’s pathetic. Lock and load and MOLAN LABE!

  13. The government has become an oppressive attacking tyrant. President LIncoln said it was the duty of the AMERICAN people to remove such a government….not just a right.

  14. Vigilant Observer, you are 100% on target. It causes me great personal pain to see what has happened to this once wonderful state. I have considered moving as well and discuss it with my wife often. I’m also a disabled vet and I know how evil and heartless our govt is. I truly feel sorry for the vets coming home, all they have known is war. Most of them were children on 911. I was not, I fought in 3 conflicts before that terrible day and not enough people in this country truly knows what happened, or even why. Now we’ve been robbed and taxed to death and are paying for scam after scam with outrageous unrecognized inflation and the people are so dumbed down they can’t even see it! I’ve been watching the powers that be for over 20 years and the people never seem to care or wake up. I don’t know what is wrong with them and I have little faith in them anymore. But my wife refuses to leave so I will have to scrape my broken body up off the ground and prepare as many have, I’m too old and beat up to run and manuver, that only leaves one option… sit and wait. So very sad to think my friiends and grandfathers were sacrificed and forgotten for the machine. God how I want to leave, sometimes it hardly even seems worth the trouble. But, still I watch and try not to cry.

  15. The same logic as the statement that

    “N*ggers should not have freedom, because some of them are criminals”

    These dems are out of f’king control and their logic and reasoning are so out of the realms of credibility that is speaks volumes as to the education and reasoning ability of the plebes in this dwindling republic that allow these losers to remain in office.

    Political Correctness is killing the reasoning ability of the collective conscious.

  16. CO needs to be taken back by force if necessary! Communist / Fascist scum maggots have infiltrated that state. I am not convinced that most Coloradans go along with this globalist agenda. I have many friends in CO and there is now no doubt in my mind that the gloabalists have rigged elections to further their agenda.

    Bush and his Neocon cronies line Karl (Marx) Rove did it too. Neocons are Trotskyite commies. Bill Krystol is a commie scumbag too.

    REAL conservatives / classic Jeffersonians / libertarians recognize these fake conservatives for who they are…wolves in sheeps clothing!!!

  17. The men and women in the military today need to LOOK and comprehend what this government is doing to the generation of military veterans before them–They will be the next to be vilified—THROW DOWN your weapons and say no more—I will NOT COMPLY…Don’t fight for these whacked out crazed liberals that despise you and will toss you in the waste can of history–Look at what these rotten people are doing to the men and women that fought in their phony wars—You ALL are being used, you are not fighting for the greater cause—WAKE UP!

  18. Penalizing the victim clearly displays their incompetence. If the Vets are so mentally ill then why is the Veterans Administration shirking their responsibilities to restore our Vets to some semblance of normalcy? We as taxpayers pour billions into this machine & see nothing in return in proper care of our Vets. The frustration of dealing with the current VA system puts a NORMAL person into a rage. I guess pushing SSRI drugs onto Vets is their sick idea of “rehab”. I’ll trust a Vet before I’ll ever trust some suited-up scumbag called a “politician”. BTW, John McCain is a military TRAITOR; sold out his fellow POW’s in “Nam. Look it up.

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  21. The funny thing is we have more officials in elected Congresses that have mental problems trying to make laws for the sane people to live by, now how crazy is that. They continue to prove their insanity because at least you can explain stupidity. I can do a better job than them because I for one am not insane, I can read and understand English very well and I don’t make up meanings for words that is not the definition for that word. I would not lie to the public, be sneaky, have a hidden agenda, be above the law or do to citizens what I would not do to myself. This is not government we live in but hypocrisy and tyranny.

  22. Hello, I was wondering of you could tell me the source of your quotes in this post? I was especially interested in the second paragraph: “Yes,” she said, “these are all great and wonderful people, but some of them come back with significant mental health problems and I think we need to check through that first.”

    I tried Googling it myself hoping to come up with a news story or whatever, but couldn’t find anything close to what you posted. I’m asking because I got into a discussion with someone about her exact words on this subject, and it would be helpful to be able to quote a source.


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