May 2008 revelation by Brother Bob, i.e., Obama, arrestees, destruction, judgment, and more…

A week or so ago I played my home voice mail and heard: “Brother, hear the word of the Lord. Obama is a stealth candidate for the Muslims”. However, due to sponsoring a visiting family I delayed calling him until a few days ago; so here’s the story:

Bob had personally heard Obama say in a speech he was “…campaigning for the fifty-seven (sic) (as in 57) states”. As Bob prayed the Lord said, “Dig deeper!” Apparently, there are 57 “Islamic states or sheikdoms” across the globe. [That sums up his true allegiance. Now you know why he was pictured NOT saluting the flag.] Further, my notes say, “Obama: ‘Plans are on record to disarm the USA’”, [My insert: Now you know why he was recorded saying “Americans cling to religion and guns”. My notes also say “Manchurian Candidate?”

Bob was awakened at 11:43 PM a week or so ago, hearing the “Heavenly Father say, “Look at this’”. As he watched the vision begins to unfold. He saw groups of people being marched. They were haggard, ragged, dirty, and smelly, with horror on their faces and terror in their eyes. They were shuffling along in a horrific state. However, on the left side of their chest was either a red, blue, green or yellow circle. Within the circle was an upside-down cross! The words came, “Remember the Jews!” These are Americans [born again] Christians and Jews too, with a yellow star on their chests. The Christians CAME FIRST in the vision! The desperate thoughts then sweeping through European Jews was to get to Israel at all costs. [I’ve been trying to get that across to the any and all Jews since 1999!]

click for story US Gov, Foreign Troops & Local Police Prepare For Martial Law in 2013

The message is clear about the colors: Red to be terminated immediately; Blue to be interrogated, then terminated; with Yellow and Greens to be reeducated (if possible) and/or used as workers in the now existing extermination camps. [My insert: This is what I have been warning you all about for over 12 years.] The words then said, “It is a lot closer than you think!” He then said, “My eyes were open. I was watching this “trail of tears’ and I guess it is highly reminiscent of that which the Seminole Indians must have faced as they left Florida under military guard. It was a death march; they (the born again Christians and Jews) were [color] grouped together

Obama Assassination Plot By Israeli-Vatican Faction Foiled

The marching people looked at me through eyes of terror. I heard them say from within their spirits,
’This is the USA; this cannot be happening here! This should not happen here! What have we done wrong?’ The words from heaven came: It is later than even you [Bob] think”

If Obama becomes the Democratic candidate there is a strong possibility he will be assassinated. This will plunge the US into chaos they are not prepared for. If this happens the foreign troops [in the USA, which I’ve been warning about since 1994] will be revealed. It’s too late for America.

I have called to America and they have refused me. I will remove my right hand of protection, and then judgment will come in FULL force. [My insert: It has, by numerical surety, already began with 9-11-01 and Hurricane Katrina] Remember, I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality. [Insert: Bob had already been warned prior to the recent California legal decision to allow homosexual marriage, that: “They are going to approve homosexual unions in a court ruling. I have told you before it happens.”]

The Father continued: “I am going to take the weight of the sin of murdered [in-the-womb] babies and homosexuality and place it on the California [geologic] fault line”. The weight of the sin kept up until the whole shelf went into the Pacific Ocean. San Francisco was specifically mentioned. Thus, the [many] isles in the Pacific were hit by a massive tsunami; they were destroyed. The back wash of the tidal wave returned and went all the way to western side of the Rocky Mountains. [This has also been seen before by other prophets of God!] . The backwash will cover a vast swath of the USA and there will be new seashore property. “As I buried Sodom and Gomorrah beneath the Dead Sea so shall I do with California due to the sin of abortion and homosexuality.”

click for link N.Y. legalizes gay marriage

Our western defenses of the USA will be gone. The other nations of the world will not lift a finger to help the USA. They will be rejoicing with glee. Cuba and Chavez with Venezuela will hit the under belly of the USA. Our economy will be broken and destroyed forever.

thank god that portions of this prophesy have been delayed thanks to the actions and  prayers of good people and christians across the world but time is running out

September will be critical. If Obama is killed there will be no elections. The last quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009 will be terrible.[I recall back in 2007 where the Lord told Bob that 2008 will open the blood gates as well as the gates of hate in the USA.] [As a side note, it is noted that several [born again] Christian servicemen have been prodded by the Holy Spirit, for unknown reasons, to be home before September.] September is a crossroads month.

John McCain says something about 2013. How can McCain know? Bob asked the Lord, “Father what is this?” The response was, “All will be revealed in due time; get on the phone and call Al [to get this recorded]” Bob got up with the thought,” This is worse than a horror movie.” And for the third time in the vision the Lord spoke, “My son, this is a lot closer than even you think”.

The abortion issue: a conflict of rights

Bob wept, “But Father…!! America has abandoned Me! So I shall abandon her to her fate. He was adamant! I am abandoning America and so remember, the rain falls on the just and the unjust! “But Lord what about the praying and fasting Christian believers?” His answer: “It is too late.” The Lord walked off the East Coast and ascended an unseen staircase into heaven. He walked away! Deeply saddened he ascended the unseen staircase into heaven and turned and sat on his throne.

Bob was shown the beautiful marble and the mingled gold within the throne; as well as a sea of pure liquid sapphire in front of it. In back of and around the throne in a 270 degree arc were angels standing. They had dazzling white raiment and golden hair with blue-green eyes. They were singing praises to Him that sat on the throne. Also in the host were warrior angels in full battle dress; all in ranks of battalions and brigades. Their question was: “How long will it be before you release us?” The response, “It is sooner than any of you think”. 

Far out in front of the throne, in the remaining 90 degree opening was the Earth. It was getting darker and darker. The Lord spoke, “The sinners (and sins) of the world are trying their best to deny me and my existence. I shall shatter the darkness! When they then turned and looked at Him they had the same look of horror that the [born again, marching] Christians and Jews had on their faces. The great decline will be in 2009.

Tornadoes and hurricanes that have never been experienced before will strike. The Lord also said, “I am going to take America by storm!” [I hate to think it will be worse than what we have seen already in 2008.] This will be the means to break the American banks. From HEAVEN: ”The Federal Reserve is not federal, rather is a clandestine bank of the New World Order that comes directly from the Old World banks and bankers”.

Bob was told, “Know [all of] this! Get it to a living repository so what has been spoken will be known”. [As in, “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secrets unto his servants the prophets”. AMOS 3:7 KJV]

Respectfully submitted in the Name of the Lord, as well as notes and memory will permit,

Al Cuppett



  1. Hi, can you please tell us who exactly brother Bob is? It’s a beautiful story but the original date of authentication has not been proven. I would like to know more about it.

  2. I’ve been shown everything coming to and what brother bob has to say,IS THE TIP of the iceburg,the blood baths will scare the world to death,adolf hitler had NOTHING on obama,THE ANTI-CHRIST becomes so fearce the rest of the world trembles as they see what him and his demons from hell are doing in america,the level of destruction is UNMATCHED in all of history,but americans LOVE THIS,it will be like a movie to them till its their turn,AND THEN THE HORROR of realitily will set in,most will completely lose their mind,talking about Zombies,no they won’t be zombies but they will be walking around like blind people,IF americans would like to know what their facing watch the movies “threads” and “the road” and nibiru:the planet of the crossing,youtube any of them and watch,these movies,especialy “the road” this is what trying to travel will be like,

  3. LET me say something else,THE MARK OF THE BEAST,this won’t go on for very long in america,cause most americans are so decieved,THEY WILL take the mark, saying GOD will forgive them,WELL NO,the OBAMA RFID CHIP,has REPTILIAN DNA in it and after its in you, its released into your blood stream and you will start morfing into a reptile,your skin starts to grow scales,AND you are NO LONGER HUMAN,and you can’t get into HEAVEN if your a non-human,IT DON’T matter if you believe this or not,TRUST ME,you’d rather have OBAMAS killers take you out then to recieve his chip in you,”THE FIFTH SEAL HAS BEEN OPENED”,this is a warning,THIS is called the mark of the beast for more reasons then one,DON’T DO IT,even if they chop off your head ,it will be better then taking the mark……MY advice is DON’T let them capture you…………THE chinese will be running the death camps after they kill the marines running them,the torcher they will use on americans will not be pretty…..THEY have a raygun,that will cook your brain right inside your head(very painful),they’ll use this on a lot of people in the death camps,aren’t you glad you watched football instead of helping reel in your government……..BEING STUPID is going to have a very high price tag………………………….


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