Pope Francis: What the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Know

The Internet and Twitterverse is awash with news about the new pope. Few people really understand what the papal election was really about. But Bible prophecy explains what is happening. Here is the real scoop.Newly elected Pope Francis I appears on the central balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica on March 13.(Getty Images)

In his February 28 Key of David telecast, “Why Did The Pope Resign,” Gerald Flurry said that we couldn’t understand why the pope resigned without an understanding of the history and prophecy of Europe. “There are many educators and leaders and media personalities that feel certain that they know,” he said, “but I think very few of them do because they don’t understand the history of the Holy Roman Empire, not to mention the history of the Bible or Bible prophecy.”

The pope emeritus has a main goal, Mr. Flurry continued, that we can only understand by looking at the history and prophecy of the Holy Roman Empire. The pope resigned because he wants to ensure a very pro-Holy Roman Empire pope is installed.

The mainstream media predicted that the cardinalship of the Catholic Church would elect a reformer to “clean up” the scandal-plagued Vatican Curia. We shall see whether Pope Francis fits that mold. However, it is also likely the powerful Curia installed a pope sympathetic to the workings of the Curia.

In the same telecast, Gerald Flurry quoted a Spiegel article entitled “Exhausted in the Vatican: the final battles of Pope Benedict XVI.” The article pointed out that as of at least eight months ago the pope and the Curia were already looking for a successor to Benedict.

Both the Vatican Curia and the pope emeritus want the new pope to bring unity and peace to the warring factions within the Vatican—so it can focus on uniting Europe under the banner of the Catholic Church.

Except for a precious few articles, the media has all but pushed the pope emeritus into a meaningless retirement. This is not the case at all. Pope Benedict resigned at this precise time to influence the new pope to continue his vision for the Holy Roman Empire. As Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and as Pope Benedict XVI, this man has been methodically steering the Vatican for a generation.

In his February 28 Key of David telecast, Gerald Flurry said, “[I]nsiders of the Vatican, or the Catholic Church, I should say, and perhaps EVEN in the Vatican … have spoken out, mainly a couple who are Catholics and authorities on Catholicism, and they said, one on Laura Ingram’s talk radio show, and one on Fox News, and they said that Pope Benedictwanted the time to influence who the next pope would be. They said that themselves, that he wanted to influence who the next pope was going to be. Well, now, why would he want to do that? Why would that be so important to this pope?



4 thoughts on “Pope Francis: What the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Know

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  2. FYI: The new pope has this photo plastered all over the news to convince the people that he is a man of humility riding the subway. With this very photo he also happens to be letting the luciferian forces of darkness know that he is a member of the “hidden hand” and working with them to enslave humanity in the one world satanic dictatorship.

    He puts on a great act but can we say anti-pope?

  3. You’d be foolish to be listening or taking anything from Mr. Gerald Flurry. You should know HIS history. And if you do, and still want to listen to him – enjoy your trip. Regret is the crown of fools.

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