MASS ANIMAL DEATHS Shanghai dead pigs total rises to 8,354 Rio’s Olympic lagoon filled with 65 tons of dead fish (PHOTOS)

Hosea 4:3.Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.

Heavy rains in Rio de Janeiro caused an ecological nightmare at the lagoon where Olympic rowing will take place in 2016, when 65 tons of dead fish were discovered earlier this week.

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Heavy rains in Rio de Janeiro caused an ecological nightmare at the lagoon where Olympic rowing will take place in 2016, when 65 tons of dead fish were discovered earlier this week.

According to USA Today, the rain depleted the lagoon’s oxygen levels when rotting plant matter was washed into it, killing the yellowtail, catfish, tilapia and sea bass that live in the waters.


Environmental authorities launched a cleanup of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoonreported The Guardian.

City workers had to move quickly, as rowing qualifiers for the 2016 Olympics started Thursday, according to New Scientist.

The Associated Press reported that no dead fish were pulled out of the tourist attraction as of the day of the qualifiers.

A similar incident in 2009 left 100 tons of fish dead and needing to be removed from Rio’s central lagoon.

Hundreds more dead pigs found in Chinese river

Shanghai locals fear water contamination after more than 7,000 carcasses removed from Huangpu

The number of dead pigs found in a river that provides drinking water to Shanghai, China, has risen to 8,354, after local authorities retrieved a further 809 carcasses on Friday.

The Shanghai municipal government has repeatedly assured the city’s 23 million residents that tap water remains safe. However, locals remain worried about water contamination from the swollen and rotting carcasses in the Huangpu river.

The dead pigs are believed to be come from farms upstream in the Jiaxing area in neighbouring Zhejiang province. A surge in pig dumping has followed police campaigns against the sale of pork products made from diseased pigs.

Chinese state media said one Jiaxing pig farmer had admitted to pig dumping and was under investigation.

AFP Photo/Peter Parks

CDC Warns Hospitals About ‘Nightmare Bacteria’ 50% death rate spreading through hospitals

A new report from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that rambunctious strains of deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria are spreading rapidly through hospitals in the United States.

The CDC is giving a sufficiently scary label to these arbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE): “nightmare bacteria.”

“Some germs are beating even our strongest antibiotics,” the report says. “Rapid action by clinicians and healthcare leaders is needed to stop the rise of lethal CRE infections.”

The CDC has known about these bugs since 1996, but they have raised their deadly head with a vengeance in recent years.

“While CDC has warned about CRE for more than a decade, new information shows that these germs are now becoming more common,” the report continues. “One type of CRE has been detected in medical facilities in 42 states. Even more concerning, this report documents a seven-fold increase in the spread of the most common type of CRE during the past 10 years.”

These bacteria are a far bigger threat than the average drug-resistant flu or cold virus that may flutter from patient to patient every winter.

“These are nightmare bacteria that present a triple threat,” Thomas Frieden, the director of the CDC, told USA Today. “They’re resistant to nearly all antibiotics. They have high mortality rates, killing half of people with serious infections. And they can spread their resistance to other bacteria.”

Even though the CDC, doctors and hospitals have known about the growth of CRE for some time, the general public has remained largely ignorant of this problem.

“It’s not very often that our scientists come to me and say, ‘We have a very serious problem and we need to say something to save lives,’” Frieden added, “but that is what is happening.”

CRE infection is not rampant, but what’s alarming to scientists is the bacteria’s fatality rate.

“Even though these infections are not common, their rise is alarming because they kill up to half of people who get severe infections from them. In addition to causing lethal infections among patients, CRE are especially good at giving their antibiotic-fighting abilities to other kinds of germs,” claims the report. This means that in the near future, more bacteria will become immune to treatment, and more patients’ lives could be at risk from routine bladder or wound infections.”

Without serious efforts to stop CRE in medical facilities, and without rapid improvement in the way doctors everywhere prescribe antibiotics, CRE will likely become a problem in the community, among otherwise healthy people not receiving medical care,” the CDC warns.

CRE germs kill up to half of patients who get bloodstream infections from them


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