People Waking – Bugger the Bankers THE OFFICIAL VIDEO Austerity Allstars

This is very moving. It’s happening, folks! Be encouraged! – Zen

(From the Austerity Allstars:) Sensational song reflecting the growing awareness to the realities of corrupt politicians and scheming evil banksters……people are waking up to the austerity pirate schemes devised to rob everyone on the sea of commerce….we are not beaten but close to have taken enough of the mass deception…..ENOUGH…of corporate rule….we do not consent….we want a new system and the corrupt war mongering elite must go to JAIL.
-Mirrored from BuggerTheBankers, thank you… wonderful people…please support this inspiring group…


The video Centres around the Local pub which British governments have all but destroyed, the Humble British pub  is a place where people in  Local communities for centuries have sat and talked and relaxed. Communist governments always try to undermine dominant cultures so they can assert themselves, the fact is most revolutions in history have started down the pub where people meet drink alcohol and debate idea’s. The government want to kill Pub culture like this off so they can drive people to isolation to drink alone at home. the government has almost destroyed this established tradition. In the uk 50 pubs a day close down. The government have taxed and regulated them to bankruptcy(at a time of high unemployment)  while Elite MP’s in Westminster drink for free in the commons  Pub where they regularly drink to excess and oftentimes end up brawling  Eric Joyce arrested after Commons pub brawl  these are the Hypocrites who govern us.



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