Huge delivery in gold/Total tonnage standing in March 8.509 tonnes/Gold

 Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

Harvey Organ's - The Daily Gold and Silver Report
Gold closed up today, $1.20  to $1591.50 .  Silver gained 32 cents to $29.13.
In the access market here are the closing figures:

Gold;  $1593.30
silver:  29.19

The reason for the jump in gold was probably due to the comments of Bundesbank President Weidmann who claimed that the European crisis is not over.  Gold and silver jumped immediately and never looked backed In comex news, we saw a huge number of gold notices filed which is extremely unusual in a non delivery (non active) month. So far it looks like 8.509 tonnes of gold will stand for delivery in March.  On top of the 41 tonnes of gold last month we have very close to 50 tonnes of gold being delivered upon. This is also surely a record for two months.  It is also interesting that the volume is way down..maybe the bankers just do not want to supply any more paper.

Richard Guthrie a big GATA supporter notes the following with gold:

Bollinger Bands are popping out my eye balls!..

Notice how tight the Bollinger Bands on the Gold 8 Hr were prior to today’s rise!
We haven’t seen such a wound up spring for many many months,.. Could this be a precursor to a BIG MOVE!

In other news, Greece is facing a liquidation of 150,000 public jobs if it wants to receive more funding from the EU.  You can be sure that there will be more rioting on the streets of Athens.In Italy, 1000 companies go bust every single day.  There are reports that various governments in Italy are very slow in payments to many companies and this is also causing many to go belly up.

The Bank of Japan is now entertaining the idea of buying derivatives in their cocktail mix to inflate their economy.  Go grief!!

Japan is also witnessing a huge 14-19% hike in utility rates.  This is the unintended consequences of money printing.

In the UK there is a report which shows that the banks have hidden almost 60 billion pounds (90 billion USA) of losses.



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