Willie states that a global financial collapse is now at our doorstep, and that the endgame will be triggered by a small-medium sized bank failure in EuropeThe collapse is happening now- it’s no longer ultra-slow motion like 2 years ago.   It’s a new event every few days or weeks.  The pace is quickening.

The managed system cannot succeed, it’s too complex.  They are attempting to work towards a system of total system management, and it’s just not going to work.

A series of climax events is coming very soon.  The changes will be rapid and breath-taking. 

Vast wealth has been moving East the past 3-4 years, and with it great power
Look for some seemingly minor bank failure to cause a ripple effect of deeper damage.  
It’s going to involve larger banks tied with commitments such as counter-party contracts or intermediary supply functions, and things are just going to start wrecking. 

 The London banks which are joined by French banks in broad deep exposure to Southern Europe. They’ve set themselves up to have their heads cut off.

Willie informs SD readers that the coming European bust will ignite a global Gold rush as the only remaining safe haven, will see an end to the reserve status of the USdollar, and will result in the arrival of the Gold Trade Finance platforms. 

Willie also discusses The Fed’s futile attempts to re-inflate the housing bubble, and the series of climax events that will bring a breath-taking global financial collapse to our doorstep!
The Golden Jackass states that the coming collapse will devastate everyone in the West except those who are bold enough and brave enough to buy gold & silver NOW

A big European bust is coming. When the European bust events occur, the mad scramble for safety will be on, and they’re not going to be looking for Switzerland any longer because of their Euro peg. A massive rise in the European gold price is coming and it will be staggering, shocking and not reversible. It will ignite a global Gold rush, a massive short covering rally, and powerful 30% to 50% rise in the gold price will come in response to the European collapse.

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Jim Willie “In January alone, the European banks were the beneficiaries of $1.2 trillion from dollar swap facilities as directed by the U.S. Fed.  That’s what’s keeping these bonds floating and the banks alive.  They’re zombies.”  Dr. Willie says, “Europe is on the verge of collapse.”  When it does, Dr. Willie says a new “Gold Trade Finance System” is already in place to take over for the dollar.  Dr. Willie’s sources say, “The trade finance system has already agreed on a gold price of $7,000 to $8,000.  Silver would be $150 to $200 per ounce  USAWatchdog.com



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  4. Jim Willie is one of the few analysts who truly knows and understands what is transpiring here, and around the world. You people better wake up fast, because when the UE does collapse, so goes the US, Japan, and Great Britain in one smoldering pile of manure! No amount of money printing will prevent the west from collapsing now!

    Expect a major war somewhere in the world, and as a way to implement martial law here, there will be another false flags incident as an excuse to stage the complete takeover of the US. The citizens of the US are subject to the whims of some very dark entities who think they can control the world.

    They have planned this since the inception of the Federal Reserve system, and it even goes further back to the European banks, and the Rothchilds when they controlled Europe, then Britian, along with the help of the Vatican.

    Time is growing very short, but the one thing that nobody talks about, or even considers is that mankind is here on this sacred planet for a reason. This planet was created as a library of the cosmos. It was put here for all other civilizations to understand the knowledge of the gods who created the living entities, and created human life as we know it today.

    Our Lord wanted us as stewards of this planet. Gaia is the most powerful of all energies, the feminie energy. She will use her power to rebirth herself and those humans who are awakened and connected to her, as the ancients have prophisied long ago.

    The Source of all Creation, our Lord, will have his say on all the greed and corruption thru the Earth changes that are happening right now and from hence forth. These changes will have a profound effect on humanity from this time forward. As was in the days of the Great Flood, so shall be the Lords will at this moment in time. The end of one cycle, and the rebirthing of a new world, and a new being of Light, where politics, money, and religion wont even be a faint memory to those fortunate to be awakened to what is to come, and they will experience a higher level of existence, one of peace and harmony where Love, the Light of our Father, and Compassion will guide humanity to the secrets and knowledge of the universe.

    God speed to all.


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