By Joe Kress

March 6, 2013

If you haven’t been worrying about Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) you should, because it has the capability of affecting an entire nation by killing its electronic grid and/or causing weather change, rapid, repeated, wild ocean surges, one after another, that could be more catastrophic than what happened to Japan or Bangladesh. It’s more sophisticated than atmospheric nuclear explosions. The problem of EMP is being addressed secretly by top scientists cooperating with the Pentagon and NASA and it appears defense is possible, but the variations of height, explosive power and concentration other variables need further study because of foreign government scientific improvements. The question is when? Will it be before our enemies, such as Iran, Pakistan, China or Russia, decide to act?

Enrico Fermi discovered EMP in the 1940s; since then, the more scientific, advanced major countries have been involved in developing non-nuclear devices called explosively pumped flux compression generators, a devise used to generate a high power electronic magnetic pulse compressing magnetic flux using high explosives. Individuals can carry the device and use it on specific, critical and inclusive targets that would have devastating effect within major cities. Now we need defenses before our enemies find their defense solutions. If we find defensive means to combat the enemy’s initiatives before they do, it effectively cancels out our enemy’s attacks.

But this article is about a weapon that has a capability more selective like a slow water torture… drip by drip, namely computer hacking and its possibilities. The weapon that America only minimally prepared to face becomes very serious indeed. Actually, millions of words mention cyber hacking of U.S. military secrets – despite the complex programs developed to cope with the problem. Recently, the news media revealed that the problem was more threatening than any one envisioned. The reason for the delayed revelations is American industry was fearful that, if known by their investors and stock holders, stocks prices would fall and investment capital would dry up. Industrial scientific secrets are their life blood going into the future. The problem of hacking is now so severe that Congress is latently awakened to the threat. China’s military cyber command’s units are used to stealing technology. Centered in Shanghai – no amount of complaints to the Chinese Communist Government make the slightest difference.

The threat is not just stealing our secrets, but the capability of expanding the technique that the Chinese have already developed to actually attack electrical systems relevant to functions and whole industries such as chemical, oil, gas, steel, drug manufacturing. But the worst threat is America’s electrical grid, which, if attacked, would shut down all electrical power throughout the nation and consequently render the United States helpless and that could be accomplished without using explosives or nuclear EMC attacks.

Our government has prepared for the wrong wars. Massive armies, sophisticated weaponry, armored tanks, aircraft carriers requiring 5000 sailors to operate and multimillion dollar fighter aircraft are not the tools needed to prevent cyber space or EMP warfare. Nuclear power depends on electricity to produce nuclear weapons and they are rendered no better than a sling shot once cyber attacks preempt a response. The Chinese and other major adversaries won’t even need a pop gun to overwhelm our nation and others throughout western civilization. It could bring millions of Chinese troops to America without firing a shot. Here is what could happen unless our government devotes every asset it has to disable the enemy’s military and civilian hackers and their weapons of non-destruction that the enemy is realistically able to launch against us.


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