Inside the Coming New World Order Society: Less Cars and More Tech- Virtual Reality, Holograms, and Virtual Sex

George Hemminger unlike many Baby Boomers is starting to get this 3rd wave synthesis societal change we are going through. Instead of fighting the change, G4T is accepting the change and is trying to adapt to the change. G4T gets the change going on within Generations Y and Z (Gen Z= those younger than 17), but we’ll try to expand on it further. The ultimate Agenda of the Global elite is to get us out of our cars, as well as control our very lives though handheld devices and game systems, and this is the society G4T was alluding to but didn’t quite land on- We’ll help him out. There are upsides and downsides to this new change, but we must embrace it, and seize on the changes to survive and thrive through this change. Gerald Celente also calls this “Technotribalism.”



1. We are headed for a world where people are connected with each other through devices, eliminating the need for cars to go to work, go to school, or go visit friends. Cars will still be used as instruments of conveyance for many, just not the masses as before, and those who will still drive cars will drive smaller more luxurious cars geared to ultimate efficiency and performance. Cars for some will be toys consisting of supercars, sport compacts, sport trucks, and musclecars. Essentially, the Minivan, the Big SUV, the Big 2 ton sedan= Gone or sold as boutiques like in Europe.

A. In fact, we see the Decline of the American, but Especially Japanese Auto Industry to China, and the German Auto Industry to Korea.

– Korean cars now provide affordable Luxuries to the masses once unheard of for Korean cars, much less cars in general, and at the right time where the masses standard of living is being devaulued. The Germans once dependent on easy and cheap credit are in trouble, as the Koreans make more reliable and fuel efficient product providing luxuries for a fraction of the price.

– America is still wedded to a heritage of gas guzzlers, and poor build quality. They can survive, but even more radical changes are needed. More Americans will be in the buy American mood again, and if the Americans can capitalize on this they can roar back- if not they are Doomed like the British car industry.

– Japan is the American Auto Industry in 1975, with global threats all over the place from Korea, China, and even America itself. They have played off the Baby Boomers desire for bland Metamucil like transportation for decades, with hardcore reliability, but with cheap interiors. Japan is also moving their Automotive industry to low cost markets in the same manner the Americans did 4 decades before, and like the Americans this is creating a new generation of poorly built components leading to an increase of reliability problems once unheard of for Japanese cars. As much of the herd becomes economically kicked off of the road in America the Japanese business model of building soulless cars that worked forever will not suffice in a more boutique like car market, and the Chinese can provide the no-frills Japanese like cars at a fraction of the cost- most likely built in America as well.

B. You can go to school online now from Preschool all the way to a Ph.d., and online schools are very affordable compared to your traditional brick and mortar facility. Those who run these online schools, not only can get away with paying teachers less, but the need for as many teachers as in the past will diminish as class size over a global network expanse can be virtually unlimited.

C. As the Government and firms cut down on costs they will offer the choice to many workers to stay home to engage in company or public business on the network via handheld devices and laptops. Many firms are already turning to such measures as we speak, and even Auto Insurance companies are offering lower rates to their customers if they decide to work at home.

D. Many people say over the age of 35 have this need to be around people and friends, and are willing to go great lengths to make these connections possible. Those younger than say 35 want people out of their faces, and are quite frankly anti-social. Society coins the term Anti-Social as bad, but in all reality we laugh at those people who are over 35 that put out priceless hours of their day to be together with a bunch of people- most of them acquaintances they kind of like. What a waste and poor utilization of time that could be spend engaging in other activities. Imagine a soon and fastly coming future where virtual reality devices can bring live holograms of your friends to your room, enhancing the experience of being connected. Each person in your global circle of friends can engage in activities they want or need to do, while at the same time you are all together. You can be in the same room with your favorite musician, your sister, your buddy from China, or whoever else while working on your blog, and you didn’t have to drive and spend $7 a gallon on gas. Companies are working fast and hard on Holographic TVsHolographic Smartphones/Tablets, and Holographic Computers.


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