By Jim WillieGoldenJackass.com

The typical articles over the last many years have featured a particular theme. In the last few months, the central theme in Jackass articles has been the isolation and demise of the USDollar, how it is happening, why it must happen, and its importance in the restoration of the global financial structure. But this week, a sudden urge has come to address an overwhelming list of critical gritty questions. They crop up with clients, colleagues, and friends.

More than a crisis, it is more accurately described as a collapse of a corrupt inequitable monetary system, and a desperate defense by the major Western bankers to preserve their power over nations and their governments, alongside a vile vicious violent attempt by the United States to maintain its privilege as owner of the vast USDollar counterfeit machinery, as controller of vast banking pillars of paper columns, and as commander of a vast military.



“Gritty Questions on Unstoppable Collapse” — to provide answers to numerous difficult questions… the collapse is certain, likely

from a midsized bank failing with a big bank tied around its neck, as too many fuses lie waiting to be lit… the Italian election has put

the system to the limit, with France and Spain vying for the distinction of first collapse trigger… the USDollar is the clearly defined

victim in the ongoing gold trade and other non-USD trade settlement movement, as nations struggle to find a viable solution to the

ongoing collapse that can no longer be labeled a basic crisis… the Iranian sanctions led by the USGovt have galvanized the progress

to adopt a USDollar alternative in a grand example of US leaders shooting themselves in the face and chest, as Turkey and India work

toward a gold trade intermediary role, which further the pioneer direction of the Chinese Yuan swap facilities (England a recent nation

to sign on)… the Gold supply exhibits strong inelastic traits, as lower mining output accompanies higher price… the aggravated global

competing currency war will motivate nations to abandon the USDollar as they seek a stable viable solution, since the US leaders have

failed to reform the global currency, partly out of profound corruption and desired fraud privileges, partly out of lack of global

jurisdiction in dictating contract alteration… expect the USGovt deficits to be covered by forced confiscation of private pension funds…

the Pope’s resignation is a major important seminal signal of stormy winds and bright lights to shine on scummy bank activities

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