Analysis: Emerging deadly virus demands swift sleuth work : US Bio Attack Fears Grow Sorcha Faal,

(Reuters) – The emergence of a deadly virus previously unseen in humans that has already killed half those known to be infected requires speedy scientific detective work to figure out its potential.A electron microscope image of a coronavirus is seen in this undated picture provided by the Health Protection Agency in London February 19, 2013. REUTERS-Health Protection Agency-Handout

Experts in virology and infectious diseases say that while they already have unprecedented detail about the genetics and capabilities of the novel coronavirus, or NCoV, what worries them more is what they don’t know.

The virus, which belongs to the same family as viruses that cause the common cold and the one that caused Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), emerged in the Middle East last year and has so far killed seven of the 13 people it is known to have infected worldwide.

Of those, six have been in Saudi Arabia, two in Jordan, and others in Britain and Germany linked to travel in the Middle East or to family clusters.

“What we know really concerns me, but what we don’t know really scares me,” said Michael Osterholm, director of the U.S.-based Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy and a professor at the University of Minnesota.

Less than a week after identifying NCoV in September last year in a Qatari patient at a London hospital, scientists at Britain’s Health Protection Agency had sequenced part of its genome and mapped out a so-called “phylogenetic tree” – a kind of family tree – of its links.

Swiftly conducted scientific studies by teams in Switzerland, Germany and elsewhere have found that NCoV is well adapted to infecting humans and may be treatable medicines similar to the ones used for SARS, which emerged in China in 2002 and killed a tenth of the 8,000 people it infected.

“Partly because of the way the field has developed post-SARS, we’ve been able to get onto this virus very early,” said Mike Skinner, an expert on coronaviruses from Imperial College London. “We know what it looks like, we know what family it’s from and we have its complete gene sequence.”

Yet there are many unanswered questions.


“At the moment we just don’t know whether the virus might actually be quite widespread and it’s just a tiny proportion of people who get really sick, or whether it’s a brand new virus carrying a much greater virulence potential,” said Wendy Barclay, a flu virologist, also at Imperial College London.

To have any success in answering those questions, scientists and health officials in affected countries such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan need to conduct swift and robust epidemiological studies to find out whether the virus is circulating more widely in people but causing milder symptoms.

This would help establish whether the 13 cases seen so far are the most severe and represent “the tip the iceberg”, said Volker Thiel of the Institute of Immunobiology at Kantonal Hospital in Switzerland, who published research this month showing NCoV grows efficiently in human cells.

Scientists and health officials in the Middle East and Arab Peninsular also need to collaborate with colleagues in Europe, where some NCoV cases have been treated and where samples have gone to specialist labs, to try to pin down the virus’ source.


Initial scientific analysis by laboratory scientists at Britain’s Health Protection Agency (HPA) – which helped identify the virus in a Qatari patient in September last year – found that NCoV’s closest relatives are most probably bat viruses.

It is not unusual for viruses to jump from animals to humans and mutate in the process – high profile examples include the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS and the H1N1 swine flu which caused a pandemic in 2009 and 2010.

Yet further work by a research team at the Robert Koch Institute at Germany’s University of Bonn now suggests it may have come through an intermediary – possibly goats.

In a detailed case study of a patient from Qatar who was infected with NCoV and treated in Germany, researchers said the man reported owning a camel and a goat farm on which several goats had been ill with fevers before he himself got sick.

Osterholm noted this, saying he would “feel more comfortable if we could trace back all the cases to an animal source”.

If so, it would mean the infections are just occasional cross-overs from animals, he said – a little like the sporadic cases of bird flu that continue to pop up – and would suggest the virus has not yet established a reservoir in humans.

Yet recent evidence from a cluster of cases in a family in Britain strongly suggests NCoV can be passed from one person to another and may not always come from an animal source.

US Bio Attack Fears Grow After Colorado Child Death

A highly disturbing Ministry of Healthcare (MoH) report circulating in the Kremlin today is warning Russian diplomatic personal to avoid traveling to or through the Denver International Airport (DEN) in the US State of Colorado over fears this region may be under a biowarfare attack or test.

According to this report, the Foreign Military Intelligence Main Directorate (GRU) became “highly concerned” about this area after reports surfaced that thousands of rabbits had descended upon the Denver International Airport where these small mammals are reported to be destroying vehicles by chewing on their ignition system wiring causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Even more disturbing, this report continues, was the death of Longmont, Colorado resident 6-year-old Lluvia Espinoza Morales [photo 2nd left] this past Monday (18 February) whose house was descended upon by US biowarfare experts [photo 3rd left] immediately upon her passing.

The connection between the strange rabbit behavior and the death of this child, MoH experts say in this report, is the linking of Longmont, Colorado with the mysteriousDenver International Airport.

Longmont was founded in 1871 by a group of people from Chicago, Illinois. Originally called the Chicago-Colorado Colony, it was created by the elite classes as a model city, which even to this day major socialist-communistic factions within the United States are attempting to recreate so as to purge all American peoples from their rural areas.

According to GRU sources contributing to this report, the elite group controlling Longmont, in 1989, formed “The New World Airport Commission” which privately raised $4.8 billion to build the Denver International Airport, but to this day no one knows where exactly that money came from.

In one American report on this strange airport it is stated: “Hints that the Denver airport is hiding something big are everywhere. Visitors to the Denver Airport will immediately notice a number of mysterious Masonic symbols and murals clearly depicting the end of the word. They’re hard to miss. Many believe these murals hold a deeper meaning which can be gleaned by the initiated of the New World Order and Freemasons.”

As a “close relative” of Lluvia Morales, along with many other residents of Longwood, are employed by the Denver International Airport, this report says, the question than arises as to what infectious agent could cause this child’s death, yet also be associated with the mysterious rabbit behavior.

The grim answer, this MoH report asserts, is the rabbit fever disease named Tularemia which has been weaponized into a biological warfare agent.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regard Tularemia as a viable biological warfare agent, and it has been included in the biological warfare programs of the United States, Soviet Union and Japan at various times.

In the US, practical research into using Tularemia as a biological warfare agent took place in 1954 at Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas, an extension of the Camp Detrickprogram, it was viewed as an attractive agent because:

It is easy to aerosolize

It is highly infective; between 10 and 50 bacteria are sufficient to infect victims

It is non-persistent and easy to decontaminate (unlike anthrax)

It is highly incapacitating to infected persons

It has comparatively low lethality, which is useful where enemy soldiers are in proximity to noncombatants, e.g. civilians

The Schu S4 strain was standardized as “Agent UL” for use in the United States M143 bursting spherical bomblet. It was a lethal biological warfare agent with an anticipated fatality rate of 40 – 60%.

The rate-of-action was around three days, with duration-of-action of one to three weeks (treated) and two to three months (untreated), with frequent relapses. UL was streptomycin resistant. The aerobiological stability of UL was a major concern, being sensitive to sunlight, and losing virulence over time after release. When the 425 strain was standardized as “agent JT” (an incapacitant rather than lethal agent), the Schu S4 strain’s symbol was changed again to SR.

Both wet and dry types of Tularemia (identified by the codes TT and ZZ) were examined during the “Red Cloud” tests, which took place from November 1966 to February 1967 in the Tanana Valley, Alaska, and no vaccine is available to the general public.

To if the strange behavior of rabbits at the Denver International Airport, and the mysterious death of Lluvia Morales, are truly linked to a weaponized strain of Tularemia this MoH does not firmly say, instead noting that the behavior of the Obama regime towards its own citizens does not preclude it from planning a mass death event in order to better regulate and control its ever growing restless public, that by all accounts are arming themselves in record numbers not seen since the 1861-1865 American Civil War.

Even worse, and as evidenced by the photos below, “a provider of “realistic” shooting targets to the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies has created a line of “non-traditional threat” targets that include pregnant women, mothers in playgrounds and elderly American gun owners.”

Deadly new virus is well adapted to infect humans, study finds

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