The Oscar is the Modern Day Golden Calf

Isn’t it interesting that the false idols in Hollywood who win an Oscar are presented with a golden idol of a man, symbolizing that person’s achievement of becoming a (false) God or an idol themselves, just like when the Israelites worshiped a golden idol when they were left without the supervision and guidance of Moses when he departed from them for a time to receive the 10 Commandments from Mount Sinai. The Netherlands Film festival actually awards winners with a Golden Calf.


The Jews and the Mosaic Law

We have thus endeavored to give clear and convincing arguments in favor of the beauty and necessity of that part of our law, frequently denounced as superstitious. — With how much injustice this charge has been made, I leave every candid man to decide, without even attempting to enlist his feelings, being sure, that hisjudgment must be in favor of our laws. If we now seriously reflect upon the nature of our religion, it must be admitted, that this, our religion, must promote devotion to God and peace among men. Can any thing more be asked, that these laws should effect? — That they were often violated by the very persons to whom they were given, we dare not even attempt to deny, for Moses himself has left us undoubted evidence of the fact. We shall therefore be met by the following objection: “If it be true that the Israelites received the law from God, in the manner related by Moses, how did it happen, that they so often transgressed and acted so contrary to that system, which is in fact so very beautiful?”


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