By Paul McGuire
February 25, 2013

Most people today look at America’s and the world’s problems using a three dimensional perception. This perception, which is often known as “scientific materialism,” is the belief that the only reality there is is the one that we can see with our eyes. It is from there that we get the expression, “seeing is believing.” The problem is that this belief system is not true and any attempt to manage what is called reality will simply fail without understanding and accessing what scientists now call the “Fourth Dimension.”

Let’s quickly review the major problems we are facing in America and around the world that are now at the critical state. One is the possibility of a global financial collapse, riots, anarchy, and some form of totalitarianism to manage the chaos. In addition, we have an enormous increase in hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, solar flares, food shortages, and plagues, and already a dangerous level of social chaos. Many people, not just in America, but around the world are concerned about a far lower standard of living and the loss of freedoms, including religious freedoms.

The question is how do we effectively deal with all of those problems? Currently we have an extremely large percentage of non-effective ways of dealing with them. For example, during the last Presidential election between President Obama and Mitt Romney, Romney and the Republicans spent a lot of money, but ran an ineffective campaign. Collectively the so-called conservative movement, with some notable exceptions, is for all practical purposes an ineffective movement, with its primary strategies almost entirely built on a social paradigm from the Reagan era. The reason conservatives worship Reagan, and I happen to have liked the man, is because they are stuck and frozen in time. They have not allowed their consciousness, perception, and awareness to develop effective strategies to communicate with America as it is now and not as they remember it to be and want it to be. They are out of touch and disconnected, and their consciousness is frozen.

In contrast, no matter what you think of President Obama, he and his team understand the America we now live in and are able to effectively communicate with it. One example would be the use of Obama’s constant personal messages on Twitter.


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