188 Day Earthquake Patterns April 2, 2013 Possible mega quake coming

Earthquakes are vibrations triggered by sudden rock movements deep underground, which cause Earth’s surface to shake. Major earthquakes can shatter whole cities, killing people and bringing buildings and bridges crashing down.


Earthquakes are caused by the movements of the huge tectonic plates that make up Earth’s outer crust. Driven by currents in the semi-molten layer below the crust, the plates slowly drift over Earth’s surface and collide, grind together, or pull apart. Most earthquakes occur on fault lines—cracks in Earth’s crust where two plates meet and grind together.

live WORLD  earthquake map

NASA sees monster sunspot growing fast, solar storms possible

Now this is down right amazing!!
I have been looking over my 188 day research and now that the next two cycles have been completed there remain only one left for April 2, 2013!!
I assigned a special formula to each 188 Day Pattern!
The first four are as follows:
1) 8.8 Magnitude= Chile or 188
2) 7.1 Magnitude=New Z. or 271
3) 9.0 Magnitude= Japan or 390
4) 7.3 Magnitude=Fiji or 473
The 188 day pattern was discovered by using the first earthquake data from the February 27, 2010 Chile EQ at Concepcion!
The 1ST Cycle was 8.8 Magnitude!!

Here is the first formula!!! Ist Cycle 8.8 MAG> or 1) 8.8—188!!!

How do we find out next earthquake cycle and its magnitude?
By using these formula numbers 105 ( 83 22) 14—-> 83+ 22=105!

Ok! We are trying to find our next 188 pattern after the first Chile Earthquake of 8.8 magnitude!!

Using the formula:

105 + 188(Chile) = 293- 22= 271 This is our 2nd Cycle or the New Zealand EQ on September 4, 2010 of 7.1 Magnitude—Remember 2nd at 7.1 MAG or 271!!!

Using the formula:

105 + 271 = 376 +14 = 390 This is our 3rd Cycle or the Japan EQ on March 11, 2011 of 9.0 Magnitude– Remember 3rd at 9.0 MAG or 390!!!

( now notice on each one I will use an alternating minus 22 and plus 14 from now on out)

Using the formula:

105 + 390= 495- 22= 473 This is our 4th Cycle or the Fiji EQ on September 15, 2011 of 7.3 Magnitude–Remember 4th at 7.3 MAG. or 473!!!

Now using the 4th cycle of Fiji 473 and the same number 105 we can figure out the remaining sequence of 188 day patterns!!!

Using the formula:

105 + 473(Fiji) = 578 + (14) = 5) 9.2!!!!
That translates to the 5th 188 day cycle having a 9.2 Magnitude Earthquake!
Did this occur on the fifth 188 day cycle? It did if we figure in the 22 day X factor!!!
The 5th cycle occurred on March 20/21, 2012 in Mexico with a 7.4 Magnitude earthquake!
The tetonic plates were moving all over the ring of fire at that time and this 5th cycle triggered a book end chain of events that ended up on April 11, 2012 with the historic twin 8.6 and 8.2 Mega-Earthquakes at Summatra, Indonesia!
The formula to our 188 day Fifth cycle requires a 22 complete circuit delay factor and a 9.2 Magnitude EQ—with the twin 8+ EQ on the April 11th(feast of firstfruits) it has the same kenetic energy to easily qualify it to fit our 9.2 Magnitude requirement!

Now lets see what our next 188 day pattern produces using our formula:

105 + 592 ( Summatra, Indo EQ 8.8<>8.2=9+) = 697
697 – 22 = 6)7.5!!!

That translates to our next 6th cycle of 188 days! With a 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake!

We very well had a close hit on this next 188 day cycle when a powerful 7.3 earthquake hit Colombia South America on September 30, 2012.
I originally had picked the earthquake that occurred 4 days eariler on September 26, 2012 (day of atonement); as the possible fulfillment–as it was the Aleutian Islands, Alaska 6.9>6.4 Magnitude Earthquake.

But since these two both work out good on the global map on my 188 day ley alignments-it is close enough!
Also this Colombian EQ was downgraded from a 7.5 Magnitude EQ first off; and third if you plot this Colombian EQ on the world map it runs on a straight line through the center of Africa at the great Rift Valley and onward to its end point at our 6th cycle Earthquake near Summatra, Indonesia 8.6, 8.2<>9.2!!

Now for our last prediction we have to be very careful not to be overly dogmatic on the date or the magnitude of this next 188 day cycle on April 2, 2013!

105 + 675 (Colombia 7.5> 7.3) = 780
780 + 14 = 7) 9.4!!

That translates to the seventh and final 188 day cycle earthquake having a possible Magnitude of 9.4!!!
There is a vision on the internet that speaks of a 7.5 earthquake followed by a 9+ earthquake for California!!

We already know that we have the next 188 day cycle ending on April 2, 2013; which happens to fall on the last day of the seventh day of unleavened bread!
Could this be the time when the two witnesses appear and begin sealing the 144, 000 jewish believers?!
I did find that this number 83 kept showing up in quite a few of my formulas. I do think that if you add this 83 number to the last 188 day cycle, which occurred on September 26, 2012 or September 30, 2012; it will fall on our calendar on December 18, 2012 (End of the Feast of Dedication); but if we use the 4 day correction by the September 30, 2012 Colombian earthquake then it comes out to December 21, 2012! The 83rd day from the last 188 day cycle!

Now lets take our seven 188 day cycle numbers and see if there is a developing pattern to the continuing sequence:

1) 8.8 Mag Chile——————— 1 )8.8

2) 7.1 Mag New Zealand——- 2) 7.1

3) 9.0 Mag Japan—————– 3) 9.0

4) 7.3 Mag Fiji———————- 4) 7.3

5) (8.6/8.2)= 9.2 Mag Indo.— 5) 9.2

6) 7.5>(7.3) Colombia————- 6) 7.5

7) 9.4 Off Oregon Coast??—– 7) 9.4???

Here is the final statistics broken down further:

1) 8.8
2) 7.1
3) 9.0
4) 7.3

Notice a pattern in the alternating sets :

8.8—> 9.0—-> 9.2—-> 9.4??

7.1—> 7.3—–> 7.7—->???

The higher magnitudes were those 188 day cycle mega earthquakes that took or will yet take place with the Earth on an alignment between Leo constellation and the Sun —–> Leo–Earth–Sun!!
The lower magnitudes were those 188 day cycle powerful earthquakes that took place with the Earth furthest away from the Leo constellation but still in an alignment with the Sun—> Leo-Sun-Earth!
I cannot yet make a determination whether there is some orbiting body in the Leo constellation that has some increasing effect on the tetonic plates of our earth—but it is a possibility that some object may have been trapped inside the region of Leo and is producing a gravitational pull on both our Sun and Earth and is increasing more and more every six months or every time the Sun and Earth align with the Leo constellation!!!
Maybe Planet X is not going anywhere at all-it is stuck in neutral! The only possible effect it could have on us is that it might be growing in intensity or output from that region of space!!!
Could it soon start shedding off particles or carbon matter as it accelerates in place? Like a spinning top–not moving towards us but just trapped in orbit like one of our planets and is throwing off discharges of matter!!!
I am not validating this Planet X! Just wondering if our earth’s tetonic plates are being influenced by another object out there in space every 188 days or roughly six months!!!
Time will tell!!
We may know sooner rather than later!!!

full link http://raptureintheairnow.com/rita-main-discussion-forum/the-seven-188-day-earthquake-patterns-predict-each-following-cycle-magnitute


18 thoughts on “188 Day Earthquake Patterns April 2, 2013 Possible mega quake coming

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  3. Interesting thoughts there… We are in the end times no doubt and things are getting very exciting. I would have to correct you though on your two witnesses thought. It’s not 144k of Jews. It’s 12k from each of the 12 tribes. Juda was just 1 tribe of the 12. The sealing has been going on for sometime. Also reference verse 9 in Rev. 7. Once the sealing is complete then the trumpets start blowing and that’s when we have the action friend!

    Revelation 7
    1And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.

    2 And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea,

    3 Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.

  4. I think the 188 day cycle may be off some,THE lord told us to start warning everyone to be off the coast by APRIL 15th,and I stood with the lord and watched as he unzipped the middle of the USA,(and that’s what it looked like to me,he used his finger),IT unzipped from the gulf of mexico to hudson bay canada,we were near tenn, and I couldn’t see the other side and when I looked down,darkness prevented me from seeing the bottom,IT was wide and deep,if you live in either place you might think about moving,seeing as how america don’t care if obama divides jerusalem,they probly won’t care what the lord will do to america…………….

  5. IF I was a better judge of time ,I’d say america is about to see the start of real serious tribulation,and it may be tied to obamas trip to Jerusalem,HE does intend to split the LORDS CITY into three pieces,you got to know this won’t sit well with the lord,he warned everyone not to mess with his city,HE said THE CITY OF JERUSALEM,IS MINE!,the jews are only caretakers of his city,making deals with them is bogas,they have no power to do anything with jerusalem,ITS NOT THEIRS ,only the lord has any say so over jerusalem……………BUT then again ,OBAMA was the crime boss of chicago,I’am sure he sold lots of stuff he didn’t own,and killed anyone who got in his way,kinda like he does now………………..

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  7. Don’t miss this cycle, which began about 2000 years ago on the Day of Pentecost. Then Peter said unto them Repent, and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost Acts 2:38 KJV. This is none other but the New Covenant. Christ in us, (1st Peter 2:9-10 KJV) the hope of Glory. Without obtaining it, you do not possess Bible Salvation.

    Peter obeyed what Jesus taught St. Luke 24:47-49; Acts 2:36-40 KJV. The Samaritans received what Jesus taught Acts 8:12-17 KJV. The Gentiles were commanded to obey what Jesus taught Acts 10:44-48 KJV. Apostle Paul re-baptized John’s disciples because of what Jesus taught Acts 19:1-7 KJV.

    The Apostles of Jesus Christ if history is correct, did not omit St. Matthew 28:19 KJV, they just obeyed the only thing that Jesus told them to do St Luke 24:44-49; Acts 1:8; 2:38; 4:10-12; Eph. 4:5; Gal. 1:8-9; 2nd Cor. 4:3-6 KJV.

    This earthquake is so huge, til nothing has been able to hold down, or back His thunderous power for nearly 2,000 years! Have you receive this quake in your longing soul’s? Go do as these in the above scriptures have done, you too can possess what you profess, and be numbered among us which are sanctified 1st Peter 2:9-10 KJV.

    Elder Anthony W Sanders
    The Way Back To Pentecost.
    Washington D.C.

  8. Tomorrow we will find out if this is correct, if not tomorrow then on April 15th,. if not then, well one day it will come true because our nation has turned into Soddom & Gomorrah X 10.
    We have murdered 50 million unborn babies and G-d saw each one, we will be punished.

  9. THE LORD HAS BEEN WARNING HIS CHILDREN TO LEAVE THE WEST COAST ‘BY APRIL 15th,now we know the REAL PASSOVER,starts on april 24th,so if the lord does anything ,we expect it to be on april 27th,he has been showing me 427 for two years now,and I’am guessing but I watched a video a while back and it looks like 2013 might be the year,anyway ‘GET OFF THE COAST BY APRIL15TH’ AND ONE OTHER THING,THE LORD SAID THE POLICE GANGS AND MILITARY WILL ‘BLOCK ALL ROADS OUT OF THE CITIES 24-36 HOURS AFTER THE EARTHQUAKE,so that means IF you don’t want to find out what their going to do to you, leave, before the roads are blocked off,cause after the roads are blocked off they will be going door to door and GOD HELP YOUR WOMEN AND CHILDREN,cause what he’s shown us,YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE HAPPEN TO YOUR FAMILY…………….

  10. odd,BUT MANY TIMES IN PASS MONTHS,the lord has shown me ,a full moon with smaller moons around it,or near it,never could tell,not sure what it means maybe the moons of nibiru? or something else,any one else being shown this………………

  11. I would hope everyone realizes by now,the lord operates on jerusalem time,so when he says things will happen at 12 noon in jerusalem,its 3;00am in america,our dear lord showed me being woke up by my guardian angel the other night and being told to get loaded up in my truck ,IT WAS TIME TO GO TO SAFETY,we loaded up the truck and off we went,don’t recall where,but it was in the middle of the night………………….was this a warning ,we will be leaving at night,my gas tanks full,and we’re ready……………………

  12. It’s so hilarious to me reading all the comments that suddenly stop on the day of. When’s your next prediction oh great doomsayers?

  13. Seems that those that preach the Bible, don’t read it.
    If I recall right, there is ONE and only ONE that knows when the “end” will be.
    If GOD didn’t tell Jesus, he sure ain’t gonna tell you or me.
    But, I can make a prediction, the world will end tomorrow..
    If we wake up and are still here.
    Then my prediction was right. (It will be tomorrow.)
    If we wake up and find that we are on the other side, then I can say, “Told you”.
    ya’ll have a good’un. Gospel according to jake.

  14. I blog often and I really appreciate your information.
    Your article has really peaked my interest. I will bookmark your blog and keep checking for
    new details about once per week. I subscribed to your Feed too.

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