New signs of an extremely tight wholesale physical silver market have now emerged, as a first-hand account has revealed that one of the largest and most famous German automakers is hoarding massive amounts of physical silver inside one of the most secure vaults in Zurich, Switzerland

Financial writer Byron King, who viewed the massive German automaker’s silver hoard in Zurich stated:
Why does the German company store dozens of pallets of silver in a secure vault deep in the mountains of Switzerland? It’s simple, really. So that the metal is there when the car maker needs it. As one purchasing manager explained later in my travels, “For some metals, like silver, there’s no such thing as ‘just in time’ delivery anymore.”
In other words, this German company buys silver when it’s available. In fact, the company buys as much as it can acquire. Then it stores and stockpiles the material in a vault in the mountains of Switzerland, right next to the pope’s gold

Ted Butler’s long anticipated panic buying & stockpiling of physical silver by industrial users appears to be gaining momentum. adjacent to the vault storing the Pope’s gold was a vault loaded down with physical stockpiles of silver hoarded by a German automaker:

While the retail investment community bemoans silver’s 2 year correction, large industrial users have been using silver’s price weakness and boring trading action to acquire and hoard massive physical supplies of the metal. 

Combine the potential for an industrial silver panic with record breaking investment silver retail sales, and the formula is in place for a historically unprecedented, upside explosion in silver of Biblical proportions as both investors and industrial users frantically search for any physical silver metal they can acquire- regardless of price.

For some metals like silver, there’s no such thing as just in time delivery anymore.
As the German automaker’s executives know full well, the time to acquire physical silver is now, while physical supplies can still be found.

Full story:


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